Españoles que han participado desde 1982 al 2000

Españoles que han participado desde 1982 hasta el 2000.

Carvajal Urquijo, Jaime, Chairman and General Manager, Iberfomento (x st)
Aguirre y Gil de Biedma, Esperanza - President of the Spanish Senate
Almunia, Amann, Joaquin - Secretary General, Socialist Party
Baron, Enrique, VP European Parliament; Pres. European Movement; ex Transport Minister
Cebrián, Juan Luis, CEO PRISA, and ex-editor (El Pais)
Dehesa, Guillermo de la, Chief Executive Banco Pastor
Ferrer Salat, Carlos, Chairman, UNICE (The European Employers Federation)
Lopez, Francisco, CEO Argentaria
Pujol, Jordi, President, Generalitat de Catalunya
Rato Figaredo, Rodrigo de, Parliamentary Leader of the Minority Group (Partido Popular)
Rodriguez Inciarte, Matias, Executive Vice Chairman, BSCH (Banco de Santander?).
Serra i Serra, Narcis, Deputy Prime Minister of the Spanish Government
Solana Madariaga, Javier; Secretary General, Council of the European Union (IN)
Solbes Mira, Pedro - Member of Parliament, Socialist Party
Spain, Her Majesty Queen Sophia (or Sofia) of
Tigueroa, Federico, VP Spain (?)
Yanez-Barnuovo, Juan A., Perm. Rep. of Spain to the UN; ex-Intl. Affs, Office of PM
Ybarra y Churruca, Emilio de, Vice Chair & MD, Banco de Bilbao

Codes: x-attending, ch-Chairman, sg-Secretary General, tr-Treasurer, ad-Advisory Group, st-Steering Committee, rp-rapporteur; brackets ( ) generally mean officer not attending, but for 1989 (st) means not clear due to absence of information;AT-Austria, BE-Belgium, BG-Bulgaria, CH-Switzerland, CN-Canada, CZ-Czech Republic, DE-Germany, DK-Denmark, ES-Spain, FI-Finland, FR-France, GR-Greece, HU-Hungary, IC-Iceland, IN-International, IR-Ireland, IT-Italy, LU-Luxembourg, NL-Netherlands, NO-Norway, NZ-New Zealand, PL-Poland, PT-Portugal, RU-Russia, SV-Sweden, TR-Turkey, UK-United Kingdom, UR-Ukraine, US-USA, YU-YugoslaviaSources:82(st): Steering Committee list;88 list: original List of Participants;89(st): partial Steering Committee list;91, 92 and 93 lists: taken from Spotlight;92 Steering Committee list, extracted from Armen Victorian piece in Nexus Magazine;94 list: original, plus Tony Gosling (www.bilderberg.org) and Spotlight;95 list: Tony Gosling (Alberta Reporter) and elements from Spotlight;96 list: Spotlight and Tony Gosling;97 list: Tony Gosling, Lobster Magazine and Spotlight;97 Steering Committee list: original from Bilderberg Meetings98 list: original Participant List, and Parascope;99 list: Portuguese News Weekly, Tony Gosling, Big Issue/Schnews - Bilderberg Minutes, and Spotlight;2000 list: kindly provided by the Bilderberg Meetings;Ex-Steering Committee members over the last 10 years (x st) - letter to Patricia McKenna MEP from Bilderberg Meetings, 3.12.98(Thanks to Tony Gosling, Patricia McKenna, Armen Victorian, Jim Bogusz, Lobster, Nexus, Klaus Kopf, Jim Tucker,Spotlight , News Weekly, Big Issue/Schnews, Parascope and Bilderberg meetings)